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Farm Machinery Corporation restricted (FMCL) was incorporated as a 100 percent State own Enterprise (SoE) on twenty ninth March, 2016, below the corporate Act of Kingdom of Kingdom of Bhutan 2000, vide Lhengye Zhungtshog’s directives letter no. C-3/96/219 dated fourth March 2016 and succeeding approval note from Ministry of Finance (MoF) vide letter no. MoF/PED/FMHS/2016/3347 dated eighteenth March 2016.


Farm Machinery Corporation Ltd. Paro

Location        :-  Bondey, Paro
Area:              –   Attched with Farm Machinery Corporation Lt. Head Quarter, Paro
Coverage       :-  Paro, Thimphu, Chhukha,Haa & Samtse
Geog Service Centres :-  Ugyentse, Samtse Dzongkhag.
Contract Farms :-  Dechenphug, with 21 Acres and Tendethang with 27 Acres

Regional Manager Paro: 17941186



The Regional Farm Machinery Corporation limited (RFMCL)


Location        :- Bajo, under Wangdue Dzongkhag, below new township area.
Area:              –  1.72acres.
Coverage       :- Gasa, Punakha, Wangdue, Trongsa & Bumthang
Geog Service Centres :-  Nobding, in  Wangdue phodrang
Drakten, in Trongsa.
Contract Farms :- 

Regional Manager Bajo: 17150062


Farm Machinery Corporation Ltd.Khangma

Location        :- Khangma, Kanglung, Trashigang
Area:              –
Coverage :- Lhuntse,Mongar,Trashiyangtse,Trashigang,Pemagatsel & S/jongkhar.
Geog Service Centres :-  Menbi tangmachu in Lhuntse, Kilikhar in Mongar, and Phuntshothang in Samdrupjongkhar.

Regional Manager Khangma: 17674627


Farm Machinery Corporation Ltd. Samteling

Location        :- Samteling Geog, Gelephu, Sarpang Dzongkhag
Area:              :- 1 Acre

Area Coverage: Zhemgang,Sarpang,Dagana and Tsirang Dzongkhag
Geog Service :-  Buli, Nangkhor geog, Zhemgang dzongkhag & Lhamoinzingkha geog, Dagana Dzongkhag.
Contract Farms :-  Nichula geog, Lhamoinzingkha Dungkhag, Dagana Dzongkhag -Area under progress 200 acres.


Regional Manager Samteling: 17775140


Price list of farm machines with sets

Sl No. Description Revised Rate Purpose
1 10 hp electric Motor         23,768.00 Available in stock
2 Attachaki No.16         12,995.00 Available in stock
3 Rice Huller no.8         12,650.00 Available in stock
4 7 hp electric Motor         20,344.00 Available in stock
5 Attachaki No.12         10,580.00 Available in stock
6 Rice Huller No.4           9,200.00 Available in stock
7 10 hp diesel engine         39,358.00 Available in stock
8 7 hp diesel engine         37,911.00 Available in stock
9 Corn Flake Machine         42,519.00 Not Available in stock
10 Table Oil Expeller         30,691.00 Not Available in stock
11 Viking Oil Expeller  4 Bolts         88,378.00 Not Available in stock
12 Mini Flour Mill Box Type         21,500.00 Available in stock
13 Mini Flour Mill         21,850.00 Available in stock
14 Plough         54,161.00 Available in stock
15 Power Thresher (FMCL make)         50,000.00 Available in stock
16 Power tiller with complete set with Rotor, Plow & Trailer (Yanmar make) 351,914.00 Available in stock
17 Paddy Wheel           6,900.00 Available in stock
18 Mitsubishi Tractor 13KW 18 HP with high & low redge only 738,471.00 Available in stock




Farm Machinery Corporation Ltd
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Farm Machinery Corporation Ltd
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Farm Machinery Corporation Ltd
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