Singye Dzong Lhuntse Bhutan

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Located at associate degree altitude over over 3000 meters on top of the ocean level, the outstanding Singye Dzong, one among the foremost prestigious sites of journey in Kingdom of Bhutan could be a 3 days uphill walk from Lhuntse Dzong or the most city. the paranormal Lion fort was based by Khandro Yeshey Tshogyal. it’s made on the unambiguously shaped geographical formation of mountain resembling a sleeping lion. There are not any signs of human habitation, apart from pilgrims and hermits UN agency return there for meditation and retreat.

It is presupposed to be sacred as Guru Rinpoche resided and meditated there once subduing the demon Khikharathoe UN agency had established a demon kingdom in Khempajong in Kurtoed, another Gewog in Lhuntse. Singye Dzong furthered its significance once in nineteenth century Zilnon Namkha Dorji discovered a treasure known as Tshe Drup Chhimi Sogthig that contains spiritual scriptures originated from Buddha Amitayus that has means that to cure malady, evilness, war and prolong life.

Singye Dzong is split into eight internal divisions, Rinchen Dzong, Tsemo Dzong, Gawa Dzong, Dulwa Dzong, Namkha Dzong, Draki Dzong, Pema Dzong and Singye Dzong. of these Dzongs ar embedded on the rocks and ar believed to be the eight manifestation of Guru Rinpoche, that is that the eight principle kinds of Guru unveiling the deepest nature of mind. There ar alternative necessary sites like Tshokar (White lake), Tshonag (Black lake) and Terdha Latsho close to the Dzong, that is believed to be terribly auspicious. Devotees whereas coming back to go to Singye Dzong additionally visit of these lakes and provide prayers here. The place wherever Singye dzong is found is crammed with mysterious and uncomprehensible options like imprint of Khandro Yeshey Tshogyal (one of the 2 consorts of Guru Rinpoche) on a rock, another rock wherever Guru jailed 108 legendary Garudas (bird like creature) UN agency wished to fill the globe with chaos and disorders. simply on the alternative facet of the Dzong there’s a flat rock wherever all the animals were believed to own gathered to receive teachings from Guru Rinpoche.


  • AddressSingye Dzong, Lhuntse, Bhutan
  • Category Monastery, Temple
  • Location Lhuntse
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Singye Dzong Lhuntse Bhutan
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Singye Dzong Lhuntse Bhutan
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Singye Dzong Lhuntse Bhutan
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Singye Dzong Lhuntse Bhutan

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    Singye Dzong Lhuntse Bhutan
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