Sinphu Guru Lhakhang Trongsa

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The temple, alittle one-story stone and picket house, is found at the highest of Sinphu village. The village will be reached from Trongsa Bjizam bridge, that includes a road check purpose, by a 1 and a One hour drive on a farm road.


Sinphu Guru Lhakhang was based by Palbar, the Chamberlain (Zimpoen) of His loftiness, the Second King Jigme Wangchuck in 1950. At that point, there was only 1 main temple with alittle window (rabsel). a bigger window and a golden pinnacle were additional to the temple with the assistance of fate, a relative of the Sinphu Guru Lhakhang caretaker, Phurpa, and devoted villagers in 1997-1998.

The temple and site have historical connections to Guru Rinpoche, proven by rocks and oral history. On the proper aspect of the temple, we will see clearly on an enormous rock the footprint of Guru Rinpoche. associate degree hour’s walk from the temple on the thanks to Sinphu elementary school, one can even see the hoof print of Guru Rinpoche’s horse on a stone. in line with native history, there was alittle cave wherever Guru Rinpoche wont to meditate, and this cave is currently within the particular temple. One day, associate degree recent girl on her thanks to fetch water saw Guru Rinpoche as if he were sitting within the cave. successive moment, however, she found a butter lamp there instead. Then, when rigorously inspecting the cave, she found the body print of Guru and his 2 consorts (Guru Tsokhor sum): left Mandarava, middle Guru Rinpoche and right Yeshe Tsogyel. the location was thereby recognized as a sacred place and also the temple was engineered round the cave.

Architecture and Art Work

The one-story temple was established in ancient Bhutanese study kind with woodwork and stones. underneath the structure, 2 massive prayer-wheels are put in. the most altar was engineered round the print of Guru Rinpoche’s body. 3 statues representing Guru, Mandarava and Yeshe Tshogyel (Tsokhor Sum) were offered by Ashi Wangmo, sister of the second King, within the Fifties.

Inside the temple, you’ll additionally notice new statutes representing the eight emanations of Guru Rinpoche, 3 completely different styles of scriptures (Prajanaparamita) and a number of other wall paintings. The paintings embrace Buddha, the Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel, the good fifteenth century Siddha Thangtong Gyelpo, the divinity of long life (Tseringma) and many native deities.


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Sinphu Guru Lhakhang Trongsa
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Sinphu Guru Lhakhang Trongsa
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Sinphu Guru Lhakhang Trongsa
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Sinphu Guru Lhakhang Trongsa

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