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  • Travel to Bhutan, Find Hotels, Restaurants, Tour Operator and Offices of Bhutan in one place. Get Indexed and Get Found in Bhutan
  • Travel to Bhutan, Find Hotels, Restaurants, Tour Operator and Offices of Bhutan in one place. Get Indexed and Get Found in Bhutan



Tamshing is a small one-storey temple enclosed by monastic and village dwellings. From Tamshing monastery there is a superb read of the Kurje advanced on the opposite facet of the stream. A little bit north of Tamshing, a footbridge crosses the stream and from there, it is only a ten-minute walk to Kurje.
Today, the monastery suffers from precarious conditions of conservation. Amongst other issues, due to roof leakages, the wall paintings are currently changing into detached from the mud plaster of the walls and need imperative restoration


Tamshing, is one of the foremost historically, spiritually and culturally significant monasteries in Bhutan. Built in the first sixteenth century, it has maintained living Vajrayana Buddhist traditions for over five hundred years. The founder of Tamshing, Pema Lingpa (1450 – 1521), is considered an excellent saint and religious master in each the Bhutanese and Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhist traditions. Moreover, Tamshing is also an excellent centre of Bhutanese sacred disguised dance, and Pema Lingpa himself introduced many of the sacred dances that stay a spirited half of the monastic dance repertory throughout the region.
Tamshing Lhakhang, founded in 1501 (completed in 1505) by Pema Lingpa, contains paintings of fundamental interest for the history of painting in this region. It is also, along with Gangtey Gonpa within the Black Mountains and Drametse Gonpa within the East, one of the sole places where Pema Lingpa’s tradition of non secular teachings still continues nowadays.
The temple was restored at the finish of the nineteenth century, probably at the time of the eighth reincarnation of Pema Lingpa, by Kunzang Tenpe Nyima (1843–1891), since he is the last historical personage to work within the paintings. He was the first king’s uncle. The temple itself is made from a vestibule and 2 sanctuaries, one above the alternative, with a path for circumambulation running around the sanctuaries.
In the 1990s a building and rest room facilities are engineered with the assistance of a eu donor, thus permitting the youngsters and therefore the monks to measure in healthier conditions and from 2000, more buildings were reconditioned through alternative Bhutanese donors. The temple is owned by the Tamshing family declivitous from Pema Lingpa, but the monastic faculty residing there functions severally and Tamshing is the seat of 2 incarnations of Pema Lingpa lineages, the Sungtrul and the Thuksey.

Social cultural function

A small monastic community from the Pema Lingpa spiritual lineage that came from the mother-monastery of Lhalung in Lhodrak (southern Tibet) in 1959 settled at Tamshing. Today, the religious community of Tamshing consists of just about one hundred monks UN agency give coaching to the novices and members of the local people receiving schooling at the cloister and close Konchogsum Shedra.
In the 8th Bhutanese month, a festival known as Phala choedpa takes place in the yard and distinctive ritual dances that follow the tradition established by Pemalingpa himself, are performed for three days.
Tamshing is also area unita} of daily worship for villagers and plenty of personal rituals are performed within the temples.

For more details on Tamshing, see Y. Imaeda and F. Pommaret “Le Monastère de Tamshing au Bhoutan Central” in Arts Asiatiques, t.XLII (Paris, 1987) 19-30; and M. Aris “The Temple-Palace of Gtam Zhing as described by its Founder” in Arts Asiatiques, t.XLIII (Paris, 1988) 33-9.


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Tamshing Lhakhang Bumthang
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Tamshing Lhakhang Bumthang
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Tamshing Lhakhang Bumthang
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Tamshing Lhakhang Bumthang

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